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Androgel applied on Genitals - Can I put AndroGel on my balls?

Androgel applied on Genitals - Can I put AndroGel on my balls?

How & Where to Apply AndroGel? 

Normally, as suggested by the manufacturer, one can apply AndroGel to his abdomen (Stomach) or Upper arms and shoulders. But the question arises whether AndroGel can be applied to other parts of the body including shin/ ankle, or foot? Can I put AndroGel on my balls?

The answer is “No” You cannot administer any medication dependent on alcohol to the balls because it will hurt and cause discomfort to the skin.

For two primary reasons, the suggested Androgel sites are usually the upper arms/back:

  1. The majority of men's clothes cover these areas to avoid unintended exposure (and the effect) to females. Applying to the genitals of those engaging in sexual activity can allow testosterone to be passed to their sex partners, which may lead to unintended side effects.
  2. AndroGel is intended to treat low levels of testosterone (Low T). When administered to the skin of the arms/back the testosterone is absorbed and retained in a skin layer called the dermal layer, which is then released gradually over time into the bloodstream. Penis & scrotum skin doesn't have the same quantity of dermis, and this will make the testosterone absorbed in a way that is not acceptable for in its FDA approval.

What if I apply AndroGel on my balls?

The testosterone gel (AndroGel) is applied twice a day to the scrotum. A huge amount of post-marketing data supports this. As the pharmacist would say, this affects absorption, so apply half of the amount twice daily. People often ask, “Can I put AndroGel on my balls?” The simple answer to this question is “Just Don’t”. It’s not safe to put gel on the scrotum or testicles.

If the Androgel reaches the body more distant from the testicle, more testosterone may be released by the testis, which will be beneficial with the Androgel Therapy. While Androgel may have a profound effect if applied there because the testis and penis react directly to testosterone, even if the total testosterone is dropped.

How does AndroGel gets absorbed within the body by applying it to the skin?

Over time, the testosterone gel is absorbed by the skin — you do not have to rub it in. The alcohol in the gel allows for better absorption by the skin. Skin absorbs more when warm, so applying after a bath will help the body absorb the maximum dose that the doctor prescribes.

The application of a moisturizer to the skin an hour after the gel also helps to absorb it. However, even four hours later, the medicine is still being absorbed so a shower will wash it off. The shoulder is a safer place than the abdomen, so use it there at all times, but you may change sides.

Applying AndroGel directly to the balls isn't recommended. So, if you're willing to explicitly add AndroGel to your balls then consult your doctor. Applying to the penis or balls directly would help to absorb testosterone more quickly.

How should I use it?

  • Open the packet you need to take your dose. You can apply the entire dose in your palm in one go, or just a little at a time. If you prefer, then you can rub the gel directly onto the region to which you apply it. Apply as guided onto the arms, upper arm, or abdomen.
  • Never use the AndroGel in greater quantities, or longer than recommended.
  • Testosterone misuse can cause hazardous or irreversible effects, such as enlarged breasts, small testes, fertility problems, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Do not share AndroGel with someone else.
  • Do not administer AndroGel to your balls or your penis. Also, certain brands of this medication should not be applied to the back, chest, or belly regions. Apply this medication only to recommended areas of the skin.

How should I apply?
  • After taking a shower or bathing, apply testosterone gel to dry skin. Enable the medication to dry at least five minutes before getting dressed.
  • After applying the gel wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Cover infected parts of the skin with clothes to prevent other people from receiving this drug.
  • You can apply it to your shoulders, back, and upper arms.
  • Do not use it on the scrotum or balls.

What should I avoid while applying AndroGel?

  • Do not apply this medicinal substance to your penis or testicles.
  • After applying testosterone gel stop swimming, washing, or showering for at least two hours. Follow the guidance of the specific brand offers.
  • Stop using lotions, oils, or any other skin items in the region where the skin patch will be placed. The patch cannot properly adhere to the skin.

Where can I store it?

Keep out of Kid's grasp. This medication can be used abusively. Hold your medication in a safe position to guard against robbery. Do not share this medicinal product with others. It's illegal to sell or give away this drug, and against the law.

Place between 13- and 27-degrees C (59 to 86 degrees F), at room temperature. Keep closed until usage. Guard against light and heat.

What are the possible side-effects associate with it?

The common side-effects include:

  • Redness, scratching, burning, hardening or other discomforts of the skin where the drug was used or the skin pad was worn;
  • Enhanced red blood cells (may cause dizzy spells, itching, facial redness or muscle aches);
  • Blood pressure elevated;
  • Mood swings, weird dreams;
  • Prolonged or regular erections;
  • Nausea, stomach upset.

Where can I buy A-grade AndroGel?

AndroGel can be bought from the SlimCat store. You can buy AndroGel online from the SlimCat store via PayPal or Credit Card. Our store guarantees high-quality, A-grade products.


AndroGel is perfect if your testosterone level is falling, and if you have problems with your energy or sexual health. The gel gets absorbed through your skin and naturally produces testosterone to improve the performance of your body. But can someone put AndroGel on its balls? No, it’s not recommended. It won’t help in faster absorption.

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