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Human Growth Hormone - HGH (Somatropin)

HGH or (Somatropin) is a human growth hormone produced by the anterior part of the pituitary gland and functions as a growth regulator. Structurally it’s a polypeptide (191 amino acid, as functional part, a sequential heterogeneous compound with approx. 22kDa molecular weight. The hormone stimulates the IGF-1 factor production (insulin resembling hormone assisting childhood development and adult anabolic reactions), Mitosis (as a mitogen), and acts as glucose concentration booster. Somatotropin plays its role as a growth anabolic agent.

Is HGH a steroid? NO, HGH 191aa is vital for development, particularly in children, but it also includes bone mass, muscular strength, and mood in many other processes in the body. Different hormones regulate various functions and processes of the body, including development and growth, metabolic rate, sexual and reproductive functions, and mood.

Buy HGH as it helps in protein synthesis and increases the breakdown of fat to help provide the energy necessary to develop tissue. The levels of the growth hormone will vary during the day, and physical activity plays a role. Exercising and similar behaviors will normally cause rates to increase. Sleep, strain, and low levels of blood sugar also increase levels of the growth hormone.

Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rhGH)/Somatropin: An Overview

There was an urge to artificially prepare the key growth factor (Somatotropin) because of its amazing functions. In 1981 Choh Hu Li (American biochemist) got the honor of Somatotropin identification as a protein and later, he purified it for human use as a recombinant human growth hormone drug. Before its production from DNA recombinant technology, this hormone was derived from cadaver's pituitary glands. 1985 was a milestone when biosynthetic hormone replaced the cadaver derived one. The USA was the first state which offered the availability of recombinant human growth hormone for human therapeutic use. In 2005 the drug was commercialized worldwide with trademarks like Nutropin, Genotropin, Saizen, Humatrope, and Genotropin.

2006- Omnitrop (a modified version of Nutropin Depot, priorly banned by Alkermes in 2004) regained its position in the market as an approved drug by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Fat-loss/Lipolysis- Especially Visceral Fat

The visceral will be burned off using HGH. It does work. It burns fat. Classically in the visceral cavity in the abdomen. The before and after HGH results are phenomenal. You can buy HGH for weight-loss at our store.

Anabolic Throughout the Body

It does have positive effects on skeleton muscles, bone, soft tissue, tendon, ligament, collagen synthesis. It will be used recovery and strength after surgery.

Muscle development with HGH

At a later age, you will not be prepared to continue for a long time if you want to do exercises with heavyweights. But, during physical activity, buy HGH as it will help you increase the intensity and encourage you to move heavy weights around. You will gain muscle mass by doing exercises for an extended time.

Sexual Performance Enhances

When you age, the desire to have sex with your partner diminishes. Only recall the time you were twenty to twenty years old. You could have had stronger sex drive as a young man, and may do so for a longer period. Then, what started to happen? It was HGH 191aa which released a lot in your body at that time by increasing your testosterone which is important for sex driving. HGH and testosterone are quite similar in their characteristics.

Will the aging cycle slow down before and after using (HGH)?

Does HGH make you look younger? The human growth hormone promotes the development of childhood and helps keep the muscles and organs intact. It is formed by the pituitary gland found at the center of the brain. And the pituitary gradually lowers the amount of HGH it produces in the middle ages.

This inevitable slowing has caused concern for using synthetic (HGH) as a path to fend off aging-related improvements, such as declining muscle mass and strength. HGH may help adults regain energy, as well as young people. Buy (HGH) Human growth hormone as it can increase muscle mass and decrease the amount of body fat in older adults, and strengthen the muscles.


Natural human growth hormone exists as a complex combination of different molecular forms called isomers. The major isomer is a 22 Kilo Dalton form. This is the one that's secreted into the circulation. It has a natural half-life of 10-20minute as compared to pharmaceuticals produced agent that has a half-life of 4-5 hours.

Somatropin as Antiaging agent:

Is it surprising that HGH 191aa plays its part in antiaging? Can you recall your youth by using it? IF you are amazed by these questions, be relax, the answer is “yes”. There is a series of experiences narrated by persons exercising antiaging practices. A school of thought believes that just the execution of physical exercises is juicy enough to extract beneficial results. According to another credo, “Revival of age is confined to inject youth” they achieve it by taking growth hormones. Another community is rigid to magical fluid intake to get young.

Athletes always remain conscious about their age as it is the key factor of performance. They need to stay healthy and young. Some athletes achieve their goal by exercising and others give it a boost of hormone injections. Let’s discuss how an injection (Somatropin) can roll back your age.

If we overview the natural phenomena of aging, it is a sequence of metabolic and anabolic reactions that vary in their strength and impact according to different stages. During childhood, the production of substances/hormones in which spur growth is at its peak. Adolescence and adulthood are the stages with hormone production stability, but as soon as you move from middle age to old age you must face aging signs like less lean body mass to fat ratio, depression, insufficient bone mineralization (requiring a proper dose of supplements) and increased cardiovascular arrest. These conditions can be delayed or suppressed by the application of HGH and testosterone therapy which triggers increased lean mass to fat ratio, better sleeping conditions, reduces wrinkles, enough energy gain, and a sense of being young.

HGH in bodybuilding:

Bodybuilders are amongst those who quickly come to mind when it comes to using and buying growth hormone (HGH) for off-label purposes. This community of users was swift to understand that this substance's androgenic properties could be useful in achieving the objective of an enticing, ripped body.

HGH's 191aa role in muscular hyperplasia makes it pretty attractive to bodybuilders. It just doesn't make cell or tissue grow bigger; it also encourages new cell creation. The drug allows very rapid cells to multiply, leading to a larger increase in lean body mass. 

HGH before and after results had been impressive to hinder the synthesis of fat. Weight gain or imbalanced body fat was observed in humans with low levels, including elderly people. The HGH, instead of piling it up, is said to help use body fat for energy. It makes you lose extra fat more quickly. It lets the bodybuilder obtain a better-chiseled look.

Mode of HGH Action:

Its mode of action is anabolic, works by joining smaller molecules into larger ones. Being a polypeptide, it interacts with specific cell receptors to interpret its function.

Height growth during childhood and adolescence is an important function of somatotropin which is untestable. It comprises two stages.

Polypeptides are fat insoluble so they cannot cross cell membranes. They execute their function by interacting with targeted cell receptors. In the case of height increase, they generate a JAK-STAT route which can directly stimulate height growth.

2nd way is the secretion of IGI-1(Somatomedin C) an insulin resembling growth factor. IGI-1 factor is mainly produced by the human liver and can target many growth-related mechanisms. IGI-1 triggers bone growth by effecting chondrocytes & osteoblasts. You can also treat your HGH deficiency by taking both HGH and testosterone.

Somatropin as a doping agent:

It is not stunning if Bodybuilders and Athletes claim HGH as a lean body mass booster. This will ultimately reduce total body fat. Fat metabolism and anabolic properties of this recombinant drug (Somatropin) are identical to the natural hormone, making it ideal for the endurance of its users.

1989- HGH products were introduced in the market as a growth-enhancing agent and legally or illegally it was in access.

1989-It’s use in sports (a remarkable percentage of this hormone was detected in swimmers and athletes blood samples) was banned by the International Olympic Committee.

2004- Athens Olympics was the occasion, where players were examined for a positive HGH test. This was in vain as the half-life of injected rHGH is too short (10-20 hours).

2006- HGH and EPO and some other categories were marked prohibited drugs belonging to S2 class hormones.

Since the 1980s, the use of HGH products in sports has been increased with a conception that it's an easy way to boost up energy, increase lean body mass, and strengthen muscular power. The impressive aspect of its application is anabolic mechanism and difficulty in detection. Suggested amounts of doses depend on their motive. According to a general survey Athletes, swimmers or bodybuilders take it ideal for reducing their weight and enhance their energy when taken 10-30IU/days twice or thrice within a week. It is recommended to take EPO or steroids along with these drugs to have a perfect endurance/ energy boosting intake. This HGH cycle as an anabolic agent is being used worldwide. There are mixed views about its beneficial aspects. Approx. 4IU/day (mean dose) is taken by athletes to maintain their stamina.

The issue of the misuse of energy-boosting/doping agents in sports remains alive. No obvious data is available on the positive and negative impacts of doping drugs on an athlete's health. To some extent, its users believe these drugs reduce fat, increase lean body mass, and give them strength.

How HGH can improve your lifestyle?

In our cells to work properly, we need growth hormones all through our existence. Think of the body as if it were a car; HGH products is close to car oil. Just like your engine can't accomplish its many tasks without gasoline, inadequate growth hormone levels will cause you to fail to function properly.

The human growth hormone helps in:

  • Create strong bones and powerful muscles, and sustain them.
  • Burn fats, sugars, and protein.
  • Restore restorative sleep.
  • Feel good.
  • Provide endurance.

Without sufficient growth hormone, your body won't be able to perform at its peak.

Doping Test for HGH

It was advantageous for players to uses HGH as a doping agent until 2004. Because of short half-life (30 minutes) when injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously, it was unpredictable. With advanced techniques, it is now possible to detect the IGI-1 factor and thus indirectly HGH concentrations in blood/urine.

Who can use HGH injections?

The primary users who buy HGH are athletes, fitness models, and aging adults. Because the unauthorized use of synthetic HGH is difficult to detect, it is suspected that its use is widespread in sports. Numerous professional athletes have reported using HGH over the last few years.

It is also supposedly used by bodybuilders, as well as celebrities, for its ability to influence overall health. HGH has been used world-widely, and FDA has approved this drug for legal use. HGH dosing cycle has been on the forefront for anti-aging, weight-loss, and enhancing bone density and strength.

Best HGH Pharmacy Products:


Somagen Aqua (Somatropin) pre-filled HGH pen is indeed an established quality brand manufactured by Novector Lab and passed through various licensed laboratory tests. Certified and produced in compliance with WHO production guidelines. This is a novel HGH pharmaceutical drug that naturally enhances the human growth hormone, which is important to the production of muscle strength and bones.

Norditropin HGH 30IU:

Norditropin is pure HGH (191 AMINO ACID) developed by Novo Nordisk, engineered to deliver accurate amounts of Norditropin HGH with convenience. Like several other HGH pens on the market these days the Nordilet pen already contains the injection-ready HGH. Like plenty of identical pens, you don't have to mount and prime an HGH cartridge.

OneQ Liquid HGH 90IU:

OneQ is a recombinant HGH of high-quality. It's very new to the market and is passing through many laboratory checks. There are no side effects. OneQ is important to the growth of bones, and to prevent the muscles from wasting away.

Oxytropin 50IU:

Oxytropin is an r-HGH somatropin produced with high-quality recombinant DNA technology and is similar to the human growth hormone naturally produced. It is also modern, and very effective in the growth of muscles and bones.

HGH pharmacy products Lab tests:

All HGH pharmaceutical products are subjected to Somatropin and IGF-1 laboratory testing, and we did IGF-1 self-testing for all the HGHs listed in our shop.

Price Comparison

Doping through medication is an expensive route with high expectations. To meet the expectation, the user must follow the recommended doses & proposed combinations. The choice of drugs is another important factor. If you choose the A-Grade SlIMCAT Drugs as compared to China grade cheap versions, you will get the results. The best quality HGH injections for sale at best affordable prices.

Somatropin as Therapeutic Drug

HGH injections for sale as it is an effective drug for the treatment of growth failure in the case of children and adults. Turner’s Syndrome (a developmental failure in female) can be treated with HGH cycle therapy. Severe injuries from heat burns can be cured effectively by the drugs. In the early 1900s, the strategy adopted by doctors to treat developmental disorders was based on its derivation from cadavers, but with the introduction of recombinant HGH drug, it is a widely applicable technology now. HGH deficiency in any kind of patient can be easily detected and cured.

Side Effects of HGH Therapy:

Some common side effects associated with Buy HGH online intake are

  • Acromegaly: a disorder of adulthood, when the HGH production by pituitary gland exceeds its normal value.
  • If taken in excess, it may lead to swelling of the pituitary gland, muscles, arms, or legs.
  • Diabetic or cardiac arrest
  • Retention of fluid & powerless.
  • Sweating & dental problems

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