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SOMAGEN Aqua HGH Pen 45IU - 90IU

SOMAGEN Aqua HGH Pen 45IU - 90IU SOMAGEN Aqua HGH Pen 45IU - 90IU SOMAGEN Aqua HGH Pen 45IU - 90IU SOMAGEN Aqua HGH Pen 45IU - 90IU 350.00

Update:                  02 mar. 2020

Grade:                    [A] - Pharmacy

Brand:                    SOMAGEN Novector Labs 

Active substance: Somatropin (rDNA Orgin) 3ml

VIDEO: How to use SOMAGEN Aqua HGH Pen

Somagen testing Results from Janoshik Labs 


After a couple of days of 5IU and before test 10IU result 32.20 witch is more than excellent: 

Somagen Aqua Lab Testing


Somagen Description:

SOMAGEN Aqua 90IU PEN is a human growth hormone (HGH) synthesized, or Somatropin. It is an alternative to the human growth hormone which has an identical effect on your physique. It is comparatively latest on the market and its pre-filled HGH pen of absolute good quality.After an extensive physical activity, Aqua pen 90IU helps to fix worn-out tissues to hasten healing and recovery of your body.

This hormone is therefore essential in boosting growth and development which can increase your efficiency and energy levels.

Lab Tests Approved HGH PEN:

They've done somatropin laboratory tests for this SOMAGEN AQUA pre-filled HGH pen and the tests are showing very good results. The injection is performed using a needleless pen which makes it safe, environmentally friendly and painless. You can administer that on your own. It's from Novector Labs, an officially licensed company. Novector Labs always delivers products of high quality and the dosage is as specified on the label.

Authentication Check-points:

The SOMAGEN Aqua 90IU PEN is a modern and innovative technology for taking HGH inside, and it is the best-proven method right now because it has been checked, handled, and passed through many authentication checkpoints for greater reliability and performance. Check-points for authentication features 3D effect, deboss print, Reflect UV effect and QR Authenticator.

Key Features of Aqua 90UI Pen:

  • Active Substance: Somatropin
  • Water Retention: No
  • HBR: No
  • ACNE: No
  • Active Half-life: 2.5 to 3 hours. 

History of HGH Aqua Pens: 

Medical experts gave out Aqua pens for the first time to patients who had recovered from their serious condition due to trauma and surgery in 2002.

Numerous research and clinical trials have since been performed to show the significance of this hormone in the treatment of different types of conditions, such as multiple surgeries, injuries and chemical burns.

Aqua HGH Pen 90UI Benefits: 

The benefits include increased muscle growth, cognitive development, fat burning, bone reinforcement, calcium retention, and immune system relaxation. With all those amazing benefits of using 90IU Aqua HGH pens, people can rely on Buy HGH pens that will help them recover from all kinds of injuries at a faster rate.

Use in Sports and Athletes: 

The hormone is proven to offer great rewards in building and improving muscle tissue, and athletes use it extensively for improving performance, strength and gaining muscle mass while losing fat. The athletes should expect to experience faster recovery times with HGH pen therapy even without even having to undergo intensive physiotherapy from wounds during the process of healing.

HGH injection pens have shown excellent results in wear and tear muscle tissue regeneration and professional athletes who experience sports-related injuries use this hormone for increased strength and performance. They can also perform better since the hormone enhances their immune system as well as their power.

Easy-to-Use AQUA HGH PEN:

It's easy but powerful, and user-friendly. All the directions on the package are written down. It has a needle-less pen so injection does not cause any harm. You just need to open it, set the volume needed and just take it. The syringe comes with several injections inside the bottle. You can see the glass cartridge when removing the cap. Inside, the liquid is. The dose is adjusted by the cap. Each click on the cap is 0.3UI. 

Buy HGH Pharmacy Grade: 

This pen is legal, and because it is already in an aqua state that makes it very useful for athletes and bodybuilders. For faster recovery and muscle mass improvement, complications from accidents and fractures can be avoided, which ensures you can get back into shape in the shortest possible time.

Comparison with 30IU PENS: 

90IU pen is way more reliable and effective compared to 30IU pens because 3x more times the substance is inside it for greater endurance, performance, and efficiency.

Originate from Novector Labs and pass numerous authentication checkpoints, this is the best and most effective HGH pre-filled pen you can ever take, and its benefits will certainly impress you.

It has little to no side-effects and it is legally approved in every other country. SlimCat pharmacy as always eager to provide its customer value, quality, and insurance of their products. Every product is clinically approved and of good quality. 

Buy Aqua90ui Pen and you will not regret using it for your healthier and improved physical life. 

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