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Pen Injection Needles 4mm Pen Injection Needles 4mm € 5.00 Equipment
Alcohol Swabs [Pack of 100] Alcohol Swabs [Pack of 100] € 6.00 Equipment
5ml Steril Water Ampoule 5ml Steril Water Ampoule € 4.00 Equipment
Insulin syringe (8mm needle) BBraun Omnican Insulin syringe (8mm needle) BBraun Omnican € 5.00 Equipment
Ice Pack Ice Pack € 14.00 Equipment


For the purpose of buying an HGH pen and the dose injections, you will need quality equipment that will give you a smooth touch. You will not only be able to purchase drugs and medication for injections here in our SlimCat pharmacy, but also the syringes, injection pen needles, sterile water, and other equipment.

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When we talk about being subjected to HGH and EPO, we cannot forget the needles of the 4mm injection pen. Thanks to its smooth absorption, these thinnest, softest, and tiniest beings made from silicone are the perfect way to undergo HGH. The pen needle has a sleek and compact design which helps cover damage to the skin and needles. How do we miss Alcohol swabs while we're talking about injections and pen needles? Alcohol swabs as the name imply used to clean the wounds, and they help to prevent wounds caused by infections. They thoroughly cleansed your skin, and last for the longest. They are quite softer, smoother, and built to purify and cleanse.

Getting doses for injection but quite sure about the water? Buy sterile water for the injections at our shop. We have completely purified sterile water, and are free of impurity. You can use this sterile water in your injections and safely undergo the injection as this water is made from some of the finest salts. They are suitable for single-dose injections and free from buffers and bacteria.

Looking for the best insulin syringe and the smoothest? SlimCat Pharmacy buys BBraun Omnican 8 mm insulin syringe. Why the insulin syringe of BBraun? It's the best syringe to undergo HGH and EPO because of the fine-beveled needle, as it would help reduce pain. You'll feel minimal pain with the syringe. Highly smooth, reliable, and well visualized. Silicon-coated and thin-walled for greater efficiency. The parcel could heat up while delivering the products or parcels at your door and could damage or harm the product. So, we'll allow you to add the ice pack to your parcel to escape the sun. The experience shows us that delivering the parcel without an ice pack isn't safe. To get it safely it is recommended to order an ice pack with your parcel.

Buy all these products from our SlimCat pharmacy and don't forget to leave a rating so you'd get 5% back on your whole order. The shipment with regular MAIL may delay because of COVID-19 but if you want a fast shipping alternative then choose and use COURIER. It will deliver your product quickly, and as compared to other sites its shipping rate is low.