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Ice Pack

Ice Pack 14.00

Attach an ice pack to your parcel

Most of the products are resistant to slight warming. It's safe before mixing or 1st use. We always determine how safe it is to get the product shipped without an ice pack, our experience shows that it is safe and the products are not damaged and good for use even after weeks of travel.

  • Try to not add more than 1 ice pack

What mean ice pack in your parcel?

  • a cooler climate in parcel for additional 24 - 48hrs
  • Price - it gives additional weight, witch costs.
  • It is well known that parcels with ice packs have more risk to be sized - because ICE is more noticeable in X-rays. 
  • We don't have sized parcels at all, but adding ice is at your own risk. We will not refund or reshipp parcels witch will have ice in them.