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Insulin syringe (8mm needle) BBraun Omnican

Insulin syringe (8mm needle) BBraun Omnican 5.00

Update:         19 nov. 2019

Grade:           [A] 

Brand:           BBraun

The insulin syringes consist of a graduated hollow barrel and a handheld plunger with a dipper end. There is a male connector (Plunger) on one end of the tube, which enables connection to a female connector(hub).

Working Operation:

Due to the extremely fine-beveled needle, the insulin syringe provides a minimal-pain puncture. The insulin syringes are translucent and have a thin-walled needle. The seal preserves the sterility of the insulin syringes, even after the polybag is removed.

Why it’s such an exceptional Insulin Syringe?

Smooth and reliable plunger gliding force.

Highly translucent for good visualization.

Permanently detached and attachable configuration.

Product details:

  • Low pain puncture
  • 3-faced needle tip
  • Silicon-coated needle
  • Wide scaling for easy, accurate dosing of insulin

The injection is practically pain-free with the best insulin syringes-thanks to the precision three-facet grinding of the tip of the needle and the protective coating. The fairly clear syringe barrel makes sure to quickly distinguish air bubbles.

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