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5ml Steril Water Ampoule

5ml Steril Water Ampoule 4.00

Update:         19 nov. 2019

Grade:           [A] 

Brand:           BBraun/Pharmacy

Sterile Water:

This is a safe, non-pyrogenic, solute-free distilled water preparation for the injection. This is suitable for use only as a sterile liquid or diluent carrier for medications or parenterally administrable solutions. Sterile Injection Water Ampoule contains no bacteriostatic agent or buffers added and is only intended for single-dose injection.


The sterile water comes in ampoules of:

  • 5mL
  • 10mL
  • and 20mL. They can be identified by the numbers “AUST R.”


Prepared in the most mannerly way with the finest salts, our Sterile Water is free of impurity, prepared with precision and stable on the shelf. You can enjoy its transparency and odor-less nature.


The sterile water can only be used if it is clear, colorless and free of debris, the packet is undamaged and the usage was not passed by (expiry) date marked on the pack.

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