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Oxytropin (Liquid HGH) 50IU

Oxytropin (Liquid HGH) 50IU 125.00

Update:                  19 nov. 2019

Grade:                    [B] 

Brand:                    Oxytropin

Active substance: rHGH

Oxytropin (Liquid HGH) 50IU Description

OXYTROPIN 50IU is a natural growth hormone (HGH) somatropin developed using recombinant DNA technology similar to that developed naturally by the body. OYTROPIN 50UI is designed for those who wish to build muscle mass rapidly and effectively to get a beautifully toned to ripped body. The results of the Oxytropin 50IU are very good, and it won't make you wait long to get a shredded body. Athletes and bodybuilders globally use it to develop and maintain their muscle mass.

Oxytropin 50IU has so many useful components that help not only to increase the growth hormone in humans but also to rapidly burn fat. It's very flexible and has been new to the market, and you can buy Oxytropin 50IU at a very good price from our online store.

How does it Work?

This human growth hormone (Somatropin) plays an important part in the development of the individual body's cells, as well as its muscle growth. It acts to cause metabolism by inducing metabolic functions in cells. It activates the liver to create a protein that is insulin-like and creates cartilage cells.

It plays an important part in bone strengthening, hair growth, and muscle protein synthesis. Oxytropin 50IU, available in liquid form, is safe and has wonderful results. There are no known adverse side effects to it.

What are the Benefits associated with it?

Following are the benefits of the OXYTROPIN:

  • Fosters the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body.
  • The structure of the human bone is improved, and immunity is less vulnerable to adverse external factors.
  • Helps pace the metabolism.
  • Led to an increase in body strength and an improvement in exercise effectiveness.
  • Enhances lean muscle development, and protects against destruction.
  • It seems to have a rejuvenating effect on the body and brain.
  • Helps in fat burning.

Use by Athletes, and Bodybuilders:

OXYTROPIN 50IU is today a novel liquid medication among the numerous human growth hormone generating pharmaceutical drugs since it has been formulated using the latest technologies and functions that athletes and bodybuilders need for their muscle strength. Athletes and bodybuilders love this HGH globally because of its quick action, and you can see a lot of good results by using it for just 1 month.

While the human growth hormone Oxytropin 50IU is pretty new to the market, it is versatile and has an average half-life of our 56 hours, and its shelf life is more than 2 years. This is the best prescription drug containing HGH right now.


The normal Oxytropin 50IU dosing pattern at the start is as follows:

  • 8IU a day for endurance sports or strength training purposes (4IU in the morning and 4IU in the late afternoon);
  • For anti-aging purposes, 4IU is recommended.
  • 6IU a day if you suffer extreme burns, cuts, bruises, or significant injuries.

Remember not to take without the recommended prescription from the doctor. It is recommended to consult with the doctor before taking this medication.

Oxytropin 50IU is available in liquid form. 1 vial contains 50 active compounds.

When to Administer it?

Dividing the dose into two equal sections is the safest way to take OXYTROPIN 50IU. Take half of it in the morning, and take half the rest after or after exercise. The second-best approach is to take all of it in the morning. You must take it for one month to see some outstanding results of using Oxytropin 50IU.

Do not take it before the bedtime closing-in as it will have adverse side-effects. The exercise and workout are recommended with it.


This should be kept in a refrigerator. Keep in mind the date of validity indicated on the printed mark. You can store it room temperature up to 30 days.


The side-effects associated with Oxytropin 50IU are as follows:

  • Increase casualties among acute critical sick patients.
  • Resistance to glucose;
  • Extreme hypersensitive.
  • Retaining fluid.
  • Nausea, headache, and fever

There are no adverse side-effects if you take it as prescribed by your doctor. The workout is recommended with it.

Where to buy Oxtropin 50IU?

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