Home page Blog "MELDONIUM" A medication that enhances memory, learning, and athletic performance!

"MELDONIUM" A medication that enhances memory, learning, and athletic performance!

"MELDONIUM" A medication that enhances memory, learning, and athletic performance!

Why Do People and Athletes Use it?

Meldonium is being used in the treatment of hypoxemia: lack of blood circulation to parts of the body, especially in cases of hypertension or heart failure. But in the sports world, Meldonium is a performance-enhancing medication, sold under the premium brand Mildronate.

Meldonium is produced primarily by a Latvian medication company named Grindeks. It is often called Mildronāts. Several sports professionals from Russia and Europe are consuming meldonium because it promotes blood flow, enhancing athletes' exercise capacity. Olympians, bikers, ice dancers, and karate wrestlers have become the newest athletes to test meldonium positive. Tennis player Maria Sharapova, who is the nation's largest paying female athlete, became the most well-known athlete to confess using the medication.

People in most countries use meldonium to treat circulation issues in the brain. Some people have reported that the drug raises mood and improves learning and memory.

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How does it Work Inside your Body?

Meldonium is a receptor of fatty acid synthesis, and it tends to work by changing carnitine pathways, which is a nutrient engaged in fat metabolism. It is claimed that this medication opens the arteries and improves blood flow (and therefore enhances the efficiency of oxygen exchange). It improves blood flow in body parts, which helps boost efficiency and memory.

Does it help to boost performance?

Yes, it does. It shows an increase in athlete muscular endurance, excellent rehabilitation after the workout, safeguards against stress and increased activation of functions of the central nervous system (CNS)

Meldonium effectively stimulates and improves blood flow, as suggested by the effects it was created. It significantly boosts the muscle strength of an athlete by minimizing the oxygen delivery within cellular membranes.

What are the different benefits associated with Meldonium?

⦁ Mildronate has had a positive effect on blood dynamics and gaseous composition;'

⦁ "Patients also demonstrated normalization of the nutrient uptake and membrane-bound erythrocyte enzyme activity;"

⦁ Improvement of the vascular system has been documented in several patients who were treated with it.

⦁ Improves and enhances learning, and memory.

⦁ Maria Sharapova’s magic drug to control diabetes.

⦁ Rapidly enhance athletic energy levels and performance.

⦁ [In patients with severe hypoxemia] "Mildronate has been shown to enhance the acid-base state patterns and the blood gasses of the participants;"

⦁ "Treatment with mildronate increases the parameters of oxygen delivery in the hepatocytes of heart failure patients."

⦁ "Regular prescribing mildronate (2g / day) increases the quality of life of severe patients with heart failure"

Why was Meldonium Banned in the Sports?

The World Anti-Doping Agency stated in October 2016 that Meldonium will be suspended as from January 1st, 2017. A study carried out at the European sports in July 2018 and later published by the European Journal of Sports Medicine found 141 of 762 athletes attempting to take Meldonium, which the researchers called "excessive and unacceptable use "

Though Grindex said it should not be banned because it is not a steroid or performance-enhancing drug as it has been used to treat people with conditions such as heart failure and diabetes, the mildronate manufacturing company said. FDA subsequently approved its legal use in all the countries.

Meldonium Dosage and how should you take it?

The most efficient dosage of Mildronate in combination with diet and exercise was reported to be 400 mg orally twice daily. The dosage is given orally with or without a meal. For better results, your exercise and diet should be managed in keeping with the routine process your doctor has provided.

If you do not notice any improvement in your initial dose then increase the amount of dosage. If you notice any side effects that are not normal then go immediately to see the doctor. Always consult with your doctor before using meldonium.

Are there any Side-effects associated with Meldonium?

Does this medication pose a safety risk for someone who has no disease that the medication is approved for? As in almost all medications or medicines, meldonium has possible side effects. Those may include:

⦁ Nausea

⦁ Dissimilar heartbeats

⦁ Heart rate changes

⦁ In-existing skin conditions

⦁ Allergic response

⦁ Headache

Some people claim that the use of meldonium as a performance-enhancing drug does not present a scientifically proven danger. That's why the ban was removed by the FDA, and meldonium has been used worldwide by athletes, sportspeople, or individuals struggling with their heart or diabetic issues.

Where can we buy Meldonium?

As we are based in the meldonium native country, you can buy meldonium from our SlimCat pharmacy, and we deliver high-quality A-grade products right at your door. Folks also have the facility to use a credit card to purchase medicines, and we are a trusted source of buying pharmaceutical drugs.


The final decision is that you can use meldonium to treat diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and it’s very successful in the treatment of diabetes and cardiac problems.

Could a performance enhancer use it? Sure, you can and it has clinically shown no risk or side effect. This might be the best performance-enhancing product you can have.

Does it have serious side effects? No, certainly not.

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