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The side effect of consuming sibutramine

The side effect of consuming sibutramine

What should be the most important detail about consuming sibutramine? 

If you are prone to sibutramine, or if you have serious or excessively high blood pressure, an unhealthy diet (obesity or bipolar disorder), or taking stimulant diet drugs, or just have a history of coronary heart disease, cancer, or high cholesterol, you must not take sibutramine.

Talk to your doctor if you have hypertension, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, anxiety, unhealthy diet, epilepsy, bleeding problems, a history of bile ducts, or if you are older than 60 years or younger than 16 years before taking sibutramine.

Talk to your doctor for all prescription and over-the-counter drugs you use, including medicines for depression, medicines for cold or asthma, medicines for narcotic pain, or medicines for severe migraine. If you are unable to drop at least 5 lbs. after 4 weeks of taking the drug including a low-calorie diet, inform your doctor.

What do I need to avoid while taking sibutramine?

Your thought or responses can be affected by sibutramine. If you drive or do something that needs you to be cautious, be careful.

Need not take any other medication or over-the-counter drugs for weight loss without the recommendation of your doctor.

Stop taking drugs for cough or cold or allergies when taking sibutramine.

When taking sibutramine, stop consuming alcohol.

What are the side-effects associated with consuming Sibutramine?

If you've any of these symptoms of an allergic response, get emergency medical assistance: allergies; difficult breathing; inflammation of the ears, mouth, lips, or throat.

Avoid using sibutramine and contact your doctor immediately if you encounter any significant side effects, such as: 

  • Heartbeats that are fast, pacey, or uneven;
  • New or declining breathing difficulty;
  • Tiredness, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of balance, dilated eyes, anxiety, delusions, fever, convulsion, overactive reflexes;
  • Hyperactive thyroid, sweating, uncertainty, feeling like you could pass out; very tight (stiff) muscles;
  • Simple bruising or bleeding (bleeding from the nose, gum bleeding, or another bleeding that does not stop)
  • Severely high blood pressure (serious headache, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, anxiety, convulsions);
  • Ache or heavy feeling in the abdomen, pain extending to the forearm, a general feeling of illness; or,
  • Sudden tiredness or weakness (particularly on one side of the body), vision, voice, or balance problems.
  • In certain patients, Sibutramine significantly raises blood pressure and/or heart rate. Frequent blood pressure and pulse oximetry monitoring are needed when sibutramine is administered.

Heart rate and pulse should be assessed before beginning sibutramine therapy and should be checked regularly afterward. Either dose reduction or withdrawal should be considered for patients who report a prolonged increase in blood pressure or heartbeat when receiving sibutramine.

Until 2012, along with diet and exercise, sibutramine was recommended as a treatment for obesity. Due to an affiliation with an increased prevalence of dangerous cardiovascular disease, including stroke, it was removed from the market in several nations.

The common side-effects include:

  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Mood swings
  • Heartache
  • Increased blood pressure

Sibutramine Dosage:

Consider taking sibutramine precisely as your doctor has prescribed it. Thoughtfully follow the instructions on your prescription bottle.

The dosage of Sibutramine prescribed by your doctor will be dependent on the following (use any or all of it):

  • The management of the disease
  • Some medical disorders you have
  • Certain drugs that you take
  • How do you react to this drug?
  • The weight of yours
  • Your height
  • Age
  • Your sex

It is advised to inform your doctor before taking sibutramine.

Where to buy Sibutramine?

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