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Cabergoline (Dostinex) 0.5mg/1mg

Cabergoline (Dostinex) 0.5mg/1mg 65.00

Update:                  19 Nov. 2019

Grade:                    [A] - Pharmacy

Brand:                    Pfizer

Active substance: Cabergoline


Product Description:

The medicine is used to treat the body with high levels of prolactin hormone. High levels of female prolactin can cause symptoms such as excess breast milk and missed periods and can make pregnancy difficult. High prolactin levels in men may cause symptoms such as enlarged breasts and reduced sexual ability/desire. 

Dostinex has an active substance belonging to a drug class called dopamine agonists (Cabergoline). It works by lowering the body's prolactin levels. Reducing prolactin levels helps to get rid of the hormone imbalance.


DOSTINEX Tablets are for the treatment of hyperprolactinemic conditions, whether idiopathic or pituitary adenomas. It’s an active substance ( Cabergoline) that helps in lowering the high levels of prolactin.


The doctor will conduct tests to ensure that you have no complications that would prohibit you from using Dostinex safely. Follow the instructions on your prescription tag and read all instruction sheets or drug guides. Use the medicine as directed.


Dostinex is usually taken for at least six months twice a week. Your blood will need to be regularly tested to assess your levels of prolactin. Store away from humidity and heat at room temperature.


Common side effects typically involve abdominal pain, breathlessness, lower back pain, and sleep disturbance.