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MIRCERA (Epoetin Beta) Long Lasting EPO

MIRCERA (Epoetin Beta) Long Lasting EPO 290.00

Grade:                    [A] - Pharmacy

Brand:                    Mircera

Active substance: Methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta

Origin:                    Germany

MIRCERA - Methoxy Polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta

Mircera is a drug that is being used to treat anemia brought on by kidney disease (Failure of the kidney). Low concentrations of red blood cells decrease hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen around the body, leading to anemia. As a result, the body's tissues cannot get enough oxygen. Tiredness, fatigue, and chest tightness are all possible symptoms. Buy epoetin beta to treat anemia. 

Mircera relates to the hormones family of drugs and includes the active substance methoxy polyethylene - epoetin beta. The hormone erythropoietin is produced by the kidneys and activates the development of red blood cells in the spleen and bone marrow.

Mircera is a synthetic version of the protein epoetin beta, which influences the development of red blood cells in the body. It's being used to treat anemia brought on by serious kidney failure or cancer drugs. It's also used to reduce the need for blood transfusions during some procedures.

How it Work:

Mircera, like long-lasting erythropoietin, increases the number of red blood cells and the volume of hemoglobin in your blood. It is an erythropoiesis-inducing substance (ESA). It functions by increasing the production of red blood cells in the spleen and bone marrow (soft tissue within the bones that create them). 

It will cut down on the number of blood transfusions individuals need. Mircera mcg buy as it will remain in your body for longer than other erythropoietin drugs, requiring fewer injections for diagnosis.

Use in Sports and Fitness: 

For several years, erythropoietin (EPO) has indeed been abused in sports because of its performance-enhancing properties. In endurance sports, Mircera is said to be able to substitute standard EPO medications as a bloodstream doping agent. Mircera is legal to use, and the FDA has approved it.

Athletes and bodybuilders from all over the world take mircera for performance-enhancement. 

What to know before taking Mircera?

Mircera is used to treat anemia that has developed as a result of chronic kidney failure or chemotherapy treatment. It is administered as a single injection under the skin. Blood tests may be ordered by your doctor regularly to check the levels of hemoglobin, cancer cells, and electrolytes like potassium in your body.

When taking this drug, keep a close eye on your blood pressure. Notify the doctor if you have signs of extremely high blood pressure, like serious headaches, vision disturbances, nausea, diarrhea, or fits (seizures). If you experience difficulty in breathing or a skin rash when taking Mircera, stop taking it and tell your doctor immediately.

How should it be used?

MIRCERA procedure must be initiated under the guidance of a medical professional. A medical practitioner can administer additional doses, or you can administer MIRCERA yourself once you've been educated.

MIRCERA may be injected into a vein and under the skin throughout the belly, shoulder, or thigh. Which option is best for you will be determined by your physician. Daily blood tests will be performed by your doctor to assess how well your anemia is reacting to medication by testing your hemoglobin amount.

Recommended Dosage and Instructions: 

When the hemoglobin level in adult CKD patients, that are not currently handled with an ESA, is less than 9 g/dL, begin MIRCERA treatment.

Reduce or stop taking MIRCERA if your hemoglobin level gets close to or exceeds 12 g/dL.

The initial dosage is 1.2 micrograms per kilogram of weight per month.

For Example, your weight is 85 kg, your dose can be 100-200 micrograms once a month or 50-100 micrograms once every two weeks.

The dosage is only to be increased after two weeks. Once every two weeks, increase the dosage by 0.6 mcg/kg. The dosage is the same for people with anemia and athletes who want to increase their stamina.

Side Effects:

Hypertension, stress, and increased level of blood pressure are the most common side-effects of Mircera.

Some of the uncommon side-effects are as follows:



Chest problems

The rare adverse effects are as follows:

Sleeping disturbances




Where to buy Mircera?

You will also have the luxury to buy mircera online with a credit card and PayPal. 

01 Aug 2022 Robert F. 5 Had Eprex before, but this is better, had it several times. My haemoglobin rose from 15.2 to 16.5 within 6 weeks. My weight is 70kg. Sometimes I split it (100mcg) into 2 doses, which is not supposed to be done. It worked for me. 20 Sep 2023 Mirko May I ask you some question? Do you use it for endurance? I'm running on Eporatio, because I can better control my haemoglobin level, but Mircera seems to be cheaper and more stable. Can you say what is the dose equivalent between Eurex and Mircera? I mean you use 100mcg of Mircera to rise 1,3 points of hemoglobin in 6 weeks, may it be similar to 15000UI of Eurex? Thank you 19 Mar 2021 Husky Wolf 5 Very effective, long lasting. 20 Nov 2019 Robert D. Jr 5 One of the best epo products I've ever tried