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Oxa-Med (Oxanadrolone) 10mg N120

Oxa-Med (Oxanadrolone) 10mg N120 105.00

Oxa-Med Oxandrolone Description

This safe steroid is the best option for starting bodybuilders. Using the drug at a dosage of 30 to 60 mg per day for two months, athletes provide the body with the necessary rest from powerful drugs and daily injections.

During the drying period, Anavar is taken in conjunction with Winstrol and other steroids. The detection period of Oxandrolone in the body is from three to four weeks, so athletes early cancel the drug before the competition. This tool is also used to smooth the hormonal background during the course.

Action Oxandrolone:

Building a rigid dry muscle.
Increase in strength indicators.
Effective fat burning.
Increase the synthesis of growth hormone - somatotropin.


If there are possible problems with pressure during taking other steroids, the Oxandrolone course, even in serious doses, keeps blood pressure within normal limits. In comparison with other drugs, 

Oxandrolone has a lot of advantages:

Harmless to the human body.
It lasts up to half a day.
Do not inhibit the production of your testosterone.
It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
Significantly increases the strength indicators.
Completely no aromatization.
he drug is not able to hold water.
Oxandrolone makes the musculature more rigid.

The androgenic activity of the drug is rather low, and its anabolic properties exceed four times the testosterone levels.