SEMAX 95.00

Update:                   19 nov. 2019

Grade:                     [A] - Pharmacy

Brand:                     Semax

Active substance:  Synthetic corticotropin analogue

Orgin:                      Russia

What is Semax?

 Regulatory peptide with complex nootropic, neuroprotective and neuro metabolic action. Used by healthy people to improve memory and concentration, improve efficiency. Also used in neurology, ophthalmology and pediatrics.


  • Runs only the necessary regulatory processes to brain of specific person in this situation, 
  • Naturally regulates the central nervous system through the mechanism of peptide cascade
  • The brain receives only the required amount of the drug, the rest is split up to absolutely harmless natural amino acids


  • Has not analogs in the combination of efficiency, complexity and security actions
  • Has intranasal form of administration followed by direct transport to the tissues of the brain
  • The original product, not generic

"Semax" for everybody 

We all individual 

 Every person is unique. Our physical features and capabilities are unique, and therefore the possible reaction of the body to receive the same drugs differ. This is because many drugs are "programmed" to run certain reactions, and which can be directed at both the patients and the healthy cells naturally excluding characteristics of the patient.

 Complexity of the problem for a doctor is to choose from the list of drugs is the one that is most appropriate for the patient population criteria of "efficiency-security." And not always solve it fails the first time. And it is not always an acceptable level of safety for the patient. But what can not be achieved with drugs of past generations, can be implemented using a generic drug based on its own regulatory neuropeptides person.

Unique mechanism of action

 Neuropeptide Semax begin to work at the cellular level, extending its effect on the whole body. Semax natural causes for the synthesis of new body and new regulatory connections, repairing damaged nerve cells and causing an increase in connections between our brain cells. And this is the main principle of renewal of the nervous system - the number of nerve cells can not grow, but some cells may take on other functions, compensating, thus, loss of nervous tissue. And they do this by increasing the number of connections with other nerve cells.

"Semax" effect on the body as its own neuropeptide:

  • High efficiency;
  • Full analog of peptides of own the organism, thereby not causing rejection of side effects and allergic reactions;
  • Absolutely natural affects the body as its "native" neuropeptides, causing the exact effect that is necessary in a particular situation - prevention, treatment and recovery;
  • Complex lasting effect on the body due to launching the chain of natural regulatory processes at the cellular level;
  • Long health benefits due to the recovery of the natural cycle regulation of central nervous system and the normalization of its work

Where and when used Semaks:                   

Semaks 0.1% short course used by healthy people for: Semaks 0.1% a full course used in:1. Maintain the health of the brain 1. Serious memory impairment2. Improve concentration   2. Children with MMD3. Memory Improvement  3. Glaucoma4. Improve efficiency  4. Optic atrophy5. Recovery from illness  5. Traumatic brain injury6. Adaptation after flights and climate change 6. Asthenoneurotic disorder7. Recovery after operations 7. Encephalopathy8. Relieve stress while driving 8. Prevention of stroke9. Child's adaptation to school 9. Recovery after strokeSafety first:

The most important answers about the safety of Semax

Has been clinically tested, applied since 1994- Yes 

Yes does not cause allergies- Yes

It has no side effects- Yes 

Not addictive- Yes 

Overdose impossible- Yes 

Recommended for healthy people- Yes 

Safe for children- Yes


 Semax successfully used to treat and prevent disease and keep people healthy since 1994. The drug passed preclinical and clinical trials, efficacy and safety confirmed a large volume of scientific publications. 

Studies have shown that Semax has no serious side effects. 

When applying Semax there is no: 

  • dependence, addiction and withdrawal 
  • negative interaction with alcohol; 
  • suppression of the cardiovascular, respiratory and excretory systems; 
  • interaction with other drugs;

 Complete safety of Semax explains its structure and mechanism of action. Semax is a neuropeptide completely analogous to those that are formed in the human body during an exchange processes is converted into amino acids, natural for organism. All metabolic processes involving Semax are absolutely natural.

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