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Sibu-Med Bioniche (Sibutramine 20MG) N60

Sibu-Med Bioniche (Sibutramine 20MG) N60 90.00

Update:                  05 Jul. 2021

Grade:                    [A] 

Brand:                    Sibu-Med

Active substance: Sibutramine Hydrochloride 20mg

Manufacturer:        Bioniche

Sibu-Med Sibutramine Description

Sibu-Med is a weight loss medication and has a fat-burning effect. Prior to that, experts preferred to recommend it to overweight people who could no longer hope to lose pounds in any other way. Its main ingredient, sibutramine, stimulates the central nervous system, helping to endure the discomfort caused by limiting the number of meals.

Sibu-Med is being used as a dietary supplement for patients with serious weight issues after it was discovered to be effective in controlling appetite. Sibu-Med has an impact on brain molecules that impair weight management when taken.

Mechanism of Action:

This weight loss agent also has an effect on the brain, which causes the body not to feel hungry through chemical co-effects, i.e., it suppresses the urge to eat, causing an increased feeling of satiety. 

The substances produced by the breakdown of Sibutramine enter the brain and increase the number of various chemicals in the body, such as norepinephrine, serotine, and dopamine, by preventing these substances from being taken up by nerve cells. The effect of the tablet on inducing a chemical reaction increases the body's feeling of satiety.

Use in Sports and Fitness:

Sibu-Med is just an oral drug that should be administered on an empty stomach or with food. It is often prescribed as a supplement to diet and exercise programs. 

Sibu-Med is being used by athletes all over the world to reduce their stubborn belly fat. It lowers dopamine levels by 12%, serotonin levels by 51%, and norepinephrine levels by 71%. As a result, the levels of such substances in neuronal clefts are increased, which aids in satiety and appetite reduction.

Its mechanism of action is an appetite suppressant and an increase in satiety, but it is also known to have a significant fat-degrading mechanism.

Recommended Dosage & Usage:

The pills should be swallowed with plenty of fluids before meals if possible, in the morning. It is also important to take Sibu-med at 4 pm or before in the afternoon, as it is most effective at these times of the day.

The daily dose is usually 15-30mg of the active ingredient. It is recommended to take Sibu-med 1 to 2 times per day. If the weight loss does not reach two kilograms within four weeks of starting Sibu-med, the daily dose can be increased to 30-45 mg. Make sure to consult with your physician before starting the Sibu-med cycle for weight loss.

Stack with other drugs:

While it is rare, some physicians recommend combining sibutramine with other stimulants including amphetamines. Look for ways to break free from these combinations, and speak with your physician about the importance of effective matching of other drugs.


Sibu-med can cause these side effects:

- dry mouth

- insomnia

- feeling restless

- constipation

- loss of appetite

Uncommon but typical Sibu-med side-effects include:

- hot flush

- nausea

- sweating

- headache

- dizziness

During the course of Sibu-Med, the side effects usually disappear on their own in the second to third weeks after starting treatment, as the body adjusts to the active substance sibutramine.

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