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STANOS (Stanozolol) Pharmacom 10mg/N100

STANOS (Stanozolol) Pharmacom 10mg/N100 65.00

Stanos Pharmacom Description

Stanos 10, is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company PharmaCom Labs. Its main active ingredient is stanozolol, which has an anabolic activity of 320% of the testosterone and androgenic activity of 30%.

The half-life of the substance is 9-24 hours, it remains active for 2 days. On doping control, it can be detected within a year.

Structurally, the substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and was originally used in veterinary medicine. After a while, it began to be actively used in the sports field. The properties of the preparation are significantly different from other AAS.

He is very much appreciated in such a direction as bodybuilding, powerlifting, athletics, and other sports because the steroid can provide a good effect of fat burning while retaining the muscular mass gained.

The steroid is actively used during drying to make the muscles dense and dry. On the course, it is necessary to make preparations, because the steroid is quite toxic for the liver. It is not susceptible to aromatization but adversely affects the ligaments and joints. This is because the body produces a lot of fluid. Not yet a very good effect is on lipid metabolism. Stanos 10, is resistant to destruction in the liver, so a small percentage of toxicity is likely. With a properly designed course, the steroid provides good muscles and a clear relief, improves appetite, and removes excess fluid from the body. It also provides a high level of endurance, due to the growth of red blood cells and the transportation of large amounts of oxygen to the muscles. Stanos 10, helps to reduce the level of globulin and the burning of subcutaneous fat. The steroid can make muscle fibers more traced and relieved.