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Turi-Med (Turinabol) 10mg N120

Turi-Med (Turinabol) 10mg N120 80.00


Comparing these results, it is not difficult to guess that Danabol is by nature a more active steroid than Turinabol, but despite this Turinabol can lead to significant results in minimal time. Most often, Turinabol is used to build up dry body weight and strength, the waterless delay that most often arises from Danabol and Testosterone. Similarly, unlike other drugs, the result of Turi-Med is directly dependent on the daily dosage, which should average 20-50 mg. Athletes, whose weight category does not exceed 90 kg, should not take more than two tablets per day (20 mg) as this can seriously affect their health, and in other cases, in bodybuilding, it is allowed to take up to 4-5 tablets daily (40- 50 mg).

An excellent preparation Turinabol

With the intake of 5 tablets per day, athletes have a significantly increased dry muscle mass, strength, and all without water retention for a minimum period, which can cause serious side effects on the kidney of estrogen activity. Powerlifters and security forces prefer these characteristics, and therefore Turi-Med is considered by them to be the most common and high-quality drug. To increase the result at the end of the course, it is recommended to combine the drug with Parabolan (200 mg every week) or with Stanozolol (150 mg every week). Also, this combination allows athletes in the pre-competition period to do without reducing food in the ratio of the athlete and without taking fat-burning drugs, as the above combination allows you to build a relief and build muscle mass without any additional means. In this case, a hundred percent absence of side effects in the form of gynecomastia, an excess of estrogens.

Many athletes are wondering for what time Turi-Med is excreted from the body, and this is the main plus of the drug. To withdraw the drug for 5 days after the end of the course, plus everything in 5 days, any doping test will show a negative result.

The side effects of the drug depend on the dosage or the personal characteristics of the athlete. Women usually have side effects from prolonged use of the drug or a dose increase of more than 20 mg per day. In men, side effects are extremely rare since the estrogenic activity of the drug is low enough. Turinabol also refers to a group of steroids that do not require any interruption during the course, so for six weeks, athletes do not have any negative effects.