Home page Blog Erythropoietin for performance enhancement in Cyclists and Endurance Athletes.

Erythropoietin for performance enhancement in Cyclists and Endurance Athletes.

Erythropoietin for performance enhancement in Cyclists and Endurance Athletes.

Erythropoietin is a type of protein vital in the production of red blood cells in the body. EPO, allows you to boost your red blood cell production, and train harder.

What is EPO? 

Erythropoietin (EPO)a hormone produced in the kidneys that promote the production of red blood cells by the bone marrow. When oxygen levels in the blood which passes through the kidneys are too low, the glands in the kidneys responsible for secreting erythropoietin begin to produce the hormone. The hormone signals the need for more red blood cells to increase the body's ability to carry oxygen. EPO is also sometimes referred to by the brand names MIRCERA and EPOSTIM.

EPO assists in the production of red blood cells.

Producing more red blood cells increases the level of hemoglobin in the body. In the red blood cells, hemoglobin is the protein that enables the blood to carry oxygen around the body. Anemia is an illness that occurs when a person 's blood doesn't contain enough hemoglobin.


Why would a person buy EPO? 

Erythropoietin induces more red blood cells into the bone marrow. The result is an increase in red cells that raises the blood's oxygen-carrying ability.

The main functions of erythropoietin as the prime regulator of red blood cell development are to:

  • Foster the growth of red blood cells.
  • Introduce the formulation of hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen within red blood cells.

Epoetin is often used in patients on kidney dialysis and for those not on dialysis to treat severe anemia. Epoetin could also be used to prevent or treat anemia caused by surgery or medicinal products (e.g., zidovudine) used for other circumstances, such as HIV or cancer. 

Additionally, EPO is becoming increasingly popular in the athletic community, as it’s used to increase performance and energy levels.

What is Recombinant EPO? 

In situations where transfusions are not an option — for example, a transfusion might not be required to give the patient recombinant erythropoietin or when the patient is unable to have or refuses it. Recombinant erythropoietin is a form of natural erythropoietin developed in a laboratory. It is produced from the cloning of the erythropoietin gene.

Recombinant EPO drugs are known as erythropoietin stimulants (ESAs). These drugs are administered by injection (shot) and operate by boosting red blood cell production. Then all those cells are carried into the bloodstream from the bone marrow.

Erythropoietin for Athletic Performance:  

In terms of sports performance, EPO has been shown to boost red blood cell proliferation and raise the quantity of oxygen transported to the muscles.

Improved oxygen supply is thought to delay the onset of muscle fatigue and improve stamina during athletic sports and endurance events.

What makes EPO so tempting to professional athletes is their desire to exert force over longer periods. Doing so can help to reduce the healing time between exercises, enhance physical power, and maintain an edge in competitions.

EPO for Cyclists: 

EPO has become popular in the cycling and triathlon community. Given that EPO stimulates the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, and more oxygen carried in the blood and provided to the muscles, a marked improvement in performance can be noted. Cyclists' improvements while on EPO medications are pretty substantial. More oxygen equals more ability to run, ride, and swim faster, longer, and stronger without getting fatigued.

EPO drug forms and how to take it: 

Epoetin injections or IV’s are generally given by a physician in a clinic or hospital following treatment for kidney dialysis. At home though, EPO injections are often used. If you are taking epoetin on your own, your physician will show you how to administer the injections, ensuring you understand precisely how to administer the drug. It can be injected under one's skin or vein. Follow the instructions given by your physician for the safe and effective administration of epoetin.


The quantity of medicine you use solely depends upon the medicine's usefulness. The doses you follow each day, the time is given between doses, and the length of time you are taking the medication also depends on the medical condition for which you are using the medication.

The dosage required for patients with anemia or athletes to increase their endurance is as follows: 

The dose is premised on the weight of the body, and your doctor has to evaluate it. The initial treatment is 100 units per (kg) injected under the skin 3 times a week, or 20,000 units injected into the skin once a week. Your health care provider may change the dose as necessary.

EPO as a doping agent: 

At the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Perth (Australia) an EPO test was introduced. The study, checked by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), was based upon samples of blood and urine. First, a blood screening was performed and then a urine test was used to verify the possible use of the EPO.

The use of recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) to boost cyclists' performance is very normal in today’s professional or competitive cycling scene. Several Tour De France cyclists, including Lance Armstrong, have tested positive for EPO. The media attention given to the medication saw a substantial increase in its use.

What if you miss a dose of EPO? 

If you skip a dose of this medication, take it immediately. However, should you be closer to your next scheduled dose, skip the missed dose, and go back to the regular dosing schedule. Do not administer double doses.


Protect your medication from bright light. Store your medication in its initial container until you are ready to use it. The store used needles in a sharps container, or a hard, puncture-resistant sealed jar. Keep children and pets away from this container.


The side-effects of EPO include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Dizziness

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