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Melanotan, a tanning peptide and tanning injections, that stimulates melanin production in the body to promote a darker, natural tan through tan injections. That is the way the body protects itself from too much exposure to the sun by increasing the melanin level in the body. Melanin is the normal response to UV damage in your body. The result is skin darkening. It also has known uses of fighting low libido.

Melanotan (MT2), nicknamed ' Barbie drug ' has created a big sensation in the world of tanning.

Buy Melanotan 2 for its tanning properties and it has become a sensation across the internet.

Melanotan is neither a drug nor a cure. Nor should skin cancer be considered a preventive treatment. Despite being known for protecting the skin through the natural tanning cycle, this tanning melanin injection is a guaranteed full proof UV shield. It's a perfect way to get sun-kissed all year round with limited access to the sun, though.

Why Melanotan 2 is an Exceptional thing?

The Sun is bad for our skin especially if you are older. No matter what age you are, it is bad for your skin but the symptoms are more prominent the older you get. Over-exposure to the Sun will increase the risk of skin cancer. Melanotan is a little different in that it was supposed to make you tan. Melanotan tanning injection is a chemically researched that will help you get tanned without any fear of skin cancer.

Buy MT2 tan injection to combat skin cancer, but it was also designed to support extremely fair-skinned people, e.g., people with red hair and very light skin freckles, etc. Those with very light skin appear to burn more quickly when in the sun, and the risk of skin cancer increases.  

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Designed to support extremely fair-skinned people, e.g., people with red hair and very light skin freckles, etc. 

Melanotan 2 History:

At the University of Arizona, Melanotan 2 Tanning Injections (otherwise known as MT2 or Buy MT2) were first synthesized. Scientists there realized that melanin activated in the skin, a tan, is one of the strongest protections against skin cancer. They proposed that an efficient way to reduce the risk of skin cancer in humans would be to stimulate the body's natural pigmentation mechanism to produce protective tanning before UV exposure.

The scientists intended to use these peptides to battle melanoma by activating the natural pigmentation system of the body to produce a tan without even requiring exposure to harmful UV radiation levels. This, in turn, they proposed, could reduce the risk for skin damage that can lead to skin cancer eventually.

How does MT2 Work?

Melanotan 2 acts by speeding the gradual tanning mechanism known as melanogenesis. This includes communicating with the skin cells of the body-melanocytes, which also allows the skin cells the ability to create more melanin-this is the natural pigment of the body. By accelerating this process, the skin will create a more rapid overall body tan, thereby protecting the skin much more to the sun exposure.

Melanotan 2 tan injection requires less UV exposure compared to "natural tanning," and the tanning that occurs with the tanning injections is deeper and longer-lasting than the "natural tanning" of an individual. Melanotan works best on people with fair skin tones (which has the most visible effects).

Tanning injections help to activate the normal tanning process in your body to produce a tan. All this without exposing the body to high UV radiation levels that can be very dangerous at first.

Melanotan 2 Benefits:

Long-Lasting Tan: A warm sun-kissed tan will last for months at a time without any exposure to the sun, even if the dose is stopped. Conversely, in about a month, tans formed naturally fade.

Strength of use: Able to take a small dose of loading with continuous dosing before optimal pigmentation of the skin is reached. When reached, you just need to take a dosage once every few weeks to maintain the same pigment.

Lowered sunlight exposure (UV rays): Melanotan still requires sunlight exposure to be efficient. However, it will allow the consumer to grow the desired tan in a considerable time reduction.

Some other notable benefits of Buy Melanotan 2 are as follows:

  • Buy Melanotan II can help stop sun cancer from occurring, especially for people with fair skin living in or near the equator in hot sunny climates.
  • Melanotan II melanin injection has shown us that within its endurance it can increase sex drive and general arousal.

It can improve natural tanning qualities within users.

Melanotan II has shown qualities of burning fat, as it can indirectly reduce the appetite.

Use in Athletes:

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts Buy Melanotan 2 tan injection for expedited tanning, increased libido, and suppression of appetite. Melanotan 2 has been dubbed drug Barbie and was featured in wired magazine. Synthetic melanocortin treatment allows with the least amount of exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation to obtain a tan. Melanotan II remains the most effective tanning injection available online.

How do I use Melanotan?

You must not be afraid of needles to use Melanotan 2. Don't worry, you need peptide insulin needles, these needles are so thin that you probably won't even know they are inside you. Bacteriostatic or sterile water must be purchased, and also sodium chloride solution is appropriate for mixing the Melanotan 2 powder. To do so, simply extract 1mL of the solution and inject it into a 10 mg vial of Melanotan 2. 

  • MT2 tanning injection is a safe compound.
  • It is very inexpensive to buy quality Buy Melanotan II.
  • It is quite powerful when used for tanning and will tan you 5x faster than when tanning without it!

You should know the type of your skin so you know how much volume you need.

Check the table below to determine your skin type.

Skin type


The dose of Melanotan 2

  1. Skin - Very Fair skin, rarely tans 
  2. Skin - Almost Fair Skin, Always tan 
  3. Skin - Medium skin, Mostly tan 
  4. Skin - Olive skin, always tans, rarely burns 10mg

Getting Melanotan 2 melanin injection needs a 10-day "loading" phase, which is simply a higher dose process to saturate the body inside. You're expected to take 1 mg each day of the loading process. You will take anywhere from 0.25 mg (.025mL) to 0.5 mg (.05mL) per day after the loading process.

This is something you can repeat until you are at your perfect tan. You do not want to do the loading process if you have a skin type 3 or 4, so stick to a low dose every other day. If you're at your ideal degree of tan, you'll need to keep taking some regularly to preserve your tan. You do this once a week, by injecting 1 mg.

You need to add 1ml of water into the self-tanning solution before you start using this product, making sure you give the fresh mixture time to settle before you start using it. Ideally, allow the mixture to determine about five to ten minutes before you start using it.

How to Determine your skin type Effectively:

The above table can help you decide on your skin but Fitzpatrick Skin Types classifications can be a useful way to understand your skin type. It was designed to mimic the pigment that your skin has and its reaction to Sunburn. This can help in generally predicting the risk of sun damage and skin cancer.

  • Have exceptionally white skin, burns still, never tans.
  • White skin, burning still, tanning sometimes.
  • Normal skin, tans, often burns.
  • Olive skin, burning occasionally, tanning often.
  • Dark skin with a mild pigmentation rarely burns, but tans.
  • Black skin with a noticeable pigmentation, never burns, just tans.

What’s the recommended dosage:

For Melanotan II tan injection, there is no exact description of dosages as the skin of each is different.

For a very Faired-Skin:

  • Dosage Day 1 to 3: 0.3 mg (300 mcg)
  • Day 4:          0.6 mg (600 mcg) 
  • 0.7 mg (700 mcg)  Every 3 to 4 days.

Weight-based Dosage:

For an average adult of 154lb/70 kg:

  • 0.25mg-very light
  • 0.5mg-light
  • 1mg-common
  • 1.5-strong

Based on that, as a weekly dose, 100 kg male will take 1.5-2 mg. To be healthy, a 110lb/50 kg female should start with 0.25 mg and then progress to 0.5 mg and 1 mg if necessary.

The preloading dosage is 2x to 3x slower than the normal dose for maintenance. As a note, unless you are in a hurry to get dark in a couple of days, you don't need to do so.

Further work suggests beginning at 0.050 mg (50 mcg) and adding a maximum of 0.025 mg to 0.050 mg (25-50 mcg) per week.

Melanotan First Dose:

Your first tan injection, for example, will be a very low dose of 0.25 mg (250mcg). See how you respond. The goal should be nothing to feel. Dose, before bed, after dinner. Any dosing diagram that suggests you can take a high dose (depending on your weight) is dated and potentially harmful.

Testing dose:

Testing once daily with 0.5-1 mg. Individuals that have taken doses in this range usually show excellent outcomes. If you miss occasional days, don't worry. This won't make a huge difference, focussing on the accumulated results. After UV rays a tan usually sets in 3 days. Dose and slowly expose yourself to UVR when tanning.

Monitoring dosing:

Maintenance takes doses less often than every day to prevent being darker than you would like. Yes, it's going to happen. You'll get much darker with enough UVR than you've even been before. A maintenance dose can help to prolong the delivery of superphysiologicalMT-2 photo-protection.

UV rays:

Melanotan is a poor Sunless tanner. UV light (from the sun or the tanning bed) is necessary to grow a tan for most folks. Practically nothing happens without this. In other words, NO UV= NO TAN. Buy Melanotan 2 for a full month and you will be surprised by how simple and dark MT-II results in tanning with UV exposure.

How long does it take Melanotan 2 to Work?

It depends on how much, and how often, you take. It has a half-life of 32 hours, meaning that if you take 1 mg, it will be 0.5 mg in your body in 32 hours, and it will be.25 mg in 64 hours after the initial dose. As you can expect it will build up slowly if you take it regularly.

Within 1-2 weeks of your last dose, this will be absolutely out of your system. If you're concerned about work drug tests or blood testing, you don't have to worry, Melanotan 2 tan injection won't turn up because it's not a substance that someone is looking for.

How long will the tan last?

A tan produced using Melanotan 2 tanning injection lasts a great deal longer than a regular tan. A well-tanned person coming back from a beach trip will lose much of the tan in a month if they avoid having sun. But if they had been using Melanotan 2 after returning and going on maintenance, they would still have much of their tan 3 months later.

How do I store it?

You can store Melanotan 2 lyophilized (unmixed) in a freezer, where it will stay nice for more than a year, but it will last for Twelve weeks before it turns bad.

If you've already mixed Melanotan 2, it'll last in the fridge for 2-5 weeks, but outside the fridge for around 2 weeks. Never freeze peptide blends!

Different Methods to take Melanotan 2:

Several people have leaped to the possibility of Melanotan 2 buy and scoured the internet in search of daily supplies. There are different ways of using Melanotan 2, but the most common technique appears to be using a' tanning injection.' It includes combining the MT2 with bacteriostatic water inside the vacuum-sealed vial given and then removing a portion of the mixture with a syringe. It is the most common form people use since the body eats it quicker, meaning the effects are more apparent earlier.

Another common approach used is to pre-mix the vial with bacteriostatic water, again and put the mixture into a bottle of the nasal spray. People who don't like the thought of using a syringe used this technique and it provides a simple alternative.

Melanotan 2 Side-effects:

Melanotan 2 side effects include vomiting, lack of appetite, facial flushing and enhanced libido. In general, the side effects are mild and continue to fade with time. Some research suggests reducing nausea by injecting MT-II tan injection after dinner or before bedtime.

Peptides such as Melanotan 2 buying were intermittently injected by athletes and bodybuilders to extend their tan since a Melanotan-assisted tan can last 1-3 times as long as normal sections. Melanotan is a delicate substance like other peptides, and Melanotan inhalers, pre-mixed peptides, tablets, anal and loose powder are also not acceptable for scientific efficacy.

Is Melanotan 2 Legal?

The answer to this question is Yes! Melanotan 2 buying is legal in Australia, the US, and Canada. Importing Melanotan I or Melanotan II or any other injectable for personal use is lawful and legal.

Melanotan 1 is a weaker and less developed form of Melanotan 2.

Buy Melanotan 2 UK at SlimCat Pharmacy as we always promised to deliver high-quality and A-grade products. Melanotan 2 tan injection will help you get well tanned.