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Actovegin is a preparation that contains peptides of low molecular weight and derivatives of amino acids. Each tablet contains 200mg of deproteinized blood from the hemoderivative calf. Actovegin is legal in WADA, is not considered to be doping.

Actovegin improves:

• Memory

• Levels of strength

• Treatment of injuries

• Oxygen usage

At the molecular level, Actovegin increases the use and consumption of oxygen (improves resistance to hypoxia), increases the storage of energy and the absorption of glucose. This promotes the transfer of glucose to the brain cells.

The side-effects of actovegin incorporate:




Chest pain

Skin itching

After hard workouts, athletes use it to improve their endurance and muscle healing. It also helps in recovering burns.

Actovegin is world-widely used by athletes and bodybuilders all over the world.