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Combo-Med (Deca + Test Cyp) Bioniche 10ml 400mg/ml

Combo-Med (Deca + Test Cyp) Bioniche 10ml 400mg/ml 83.00

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Bioniche Pharma Combo-Med is a powerful combination of Testosterone Cypionate and Nandrolone Decanoate

(Test. Cypionate + Nandrolone Decanoate).

Combo-Med Bioniche Pharma Description

Category: anabolic/androgenic injectable steroid

General characteristic of Bioniche Pharma's Combo Med

active substance: up to 12 days

acne: yes, when taking larger doses

water retention: weak

high blood pressure: no

liver toxicity: none

Flavoring: yes

Gynecomastia: yes

Decreased HPTA Function: Yes - Post-cycle testosterone boosters are recommended

anabolic properties: strong

androgenic properties: strong

Dosage and administration

Beginners: 250-300mg. weekly

advanced: 300-500 mg. weekly

professionals: up to 1000 mg. weekly

women: not recommended!

With its help, you will easily and surely increase muscle mass and gain strength and power. Once injected, the potency slowly begins to release, making combo honey ideal for people who don't like to inject themselves often.

Combo Med is a highly androgenic and highly anabolic product.

It has low water retention. It can be combined with almost anything, as Anavar is often used to gain weight and clear fat at the same time.