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Cyta-Med (Testosterone Cypionate) Bioniche 10ml 300mg/ml

Cyta-Med (Testosterone Cypionate) Bioniche 10ml 300mg/ml 65.00

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The drug Testosterone cypionate is rightfully ranked among the longest esters of the hormone in the male body, called testosterone. Today it is the most affordable product for athletes. Quite often it is used in combined courses along with anabolics.

If you need a course on anabolic drugs, the manufacturer recommends using the Cyta-Med product as one of the steroid-type components. Only with its help, you can count on a qualitative increase in muscle mass with an increase in new strength.

The drug in question significantly affects the improvement of sports performance. In particular, we are talking about the continuous stimulation of cells to restore, increase overall endurance. By taking Testosterone Cypionate, your muscles produce more nitrogen, which is the basis for protein synthesis.

For any athlete, these advantages of Cyta-Med will be enough to purchase it and use it for its intended purpose.

If you have purchased this product, then you should carefully study the manufacturer's recommendations for taking it. Be sure to correctly calculate the dosage, selecting it individually according to your parameters. On average, the total weekly dose should not exceed 600 mg.

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