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DELATESTRYL 300 (Test Enanthate) Canada 10ml 300mg/ml

DELATESTRYL 300 (Test Enanthate) Canada 10ml 300mg/ml 75.00

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Delastestryl 300 is another popular steroid known for its long duration.

DELATESTRYL 300 (Testosterone Enanthate) description

It is characterized by a half-life of 7-8 days. That is why the drug begins its action on the athlete's body only one week after the first injection but allows you to maintain an optimal hormonal balance for 7 days.

Most athletes prefer to choose the courses of Testosterone Enanthate because of the minimum frequency of injections, experts recommend 1-2 injections per week to maintain maximum results.

Effects that Testosterone Enanthate allows you to get

Take the drug must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the specialist. Only in this case, the athlete will be able to achieve maximum efficiency from the course. Of the great variety of results that this drug allows obtaining:

• Significant acceleration of regeneration processes, as well as pronounced growth of muscles and strengthening of power indicators;
• Increased sexual desire;
• Coarsening of the voice, hair growth on the face, as well as the formation of other secondary sexual characteristics;
• The drug also helps to get rid of fat deposits, if during the course the athlete will also follow a low-calorie diet;
• The components of the drug have a positive effect on the work of the joints and ligaments, which allows for greater efficiency in the training process.

A few nuances of Testosterone Enanthate

Many experts, before embarking on the course of taking Testosterone Enanthate, advise athletes to familiarize themselves with the recommendations regarding its use. Given that the active components of the drug are slowly released into the blood, the effect is only a week after the first injection.

Experienced athletes, judging by the numerous reviews, recommend stopping taking this steroid only 7-10 days from the date of the last course.


Basically, the duration of the course is from 8 to 10 weeks. The dosage can range from 250 to 1000 mg/week. It is very important to monitor the level of estradiol throughout the week, if its level is above the norm, then the athlete should immediately begin taking an aromatase inhibitor in order to minimize or completely avoid the appearance of estrogen side effects.

What do experienced athletes say about Testosterone Enanthate?

Now the network can be found only positive reviews of athletes with experience of receiving this steroid. According to them, Testosterone Enanthate is a hormone that is independently produced by the body, and therefore the side effects associated with its use are quite rare. They note that during the course it is necessary to constantly keep the level of estradiol under control, this will allow minimizing, if not avoiding, the occurrence of side effects. It is also mandatory to have PCT, which will allow to the restoration of the natural processes in the body without any problems and save the results obtained.