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DIANABOL (Methandienone Injection) 10ml 50mg/ml Canada Peptides

DIANABOL (Methandienone Injection) 10ml 50mg/ml Canada Peptides 70.00

Buy Dianabol 50 (Methandienone) Canada Peptides

Dianabol 50 (Methandienone) is chosen by novice athletes, whose main goal is to speed up the processes of increasing muscles and overall weight. The fact is that the preparation belongs to the category of the most effective and popular drugs among representatives of various sports.

Dianabol 50 (Methandienone) is one of the most effective drugs, the active components of which affect the natural processes of protein production, which is actively involved in the formation of protein. In the blood of an athlete who chooses the course of Methandienone, an increase in nitrogen levels is noted, which affects the improvement of the athlete’s overall health.

 Most athletes prefer this drug because of its relatively low cost and effectiveness. The cost of this drug is much lower than the cost of similar drugs from the same category. The rest of the athletes prefer this steroid because of its past the first modification of the drug appeared in the distant 60s.

What effect can you get from taking Dianabol 50?

Taking the drug in the dosage recommended by the attending physician, the athlete can get the following effects:

• Significant weight gain;
• Stimulation of protein production processes;
• increased appetite;
• Strengthening of the skeletal system;
• Increased physical fitness;
• Enough quick disposal of body fat;
• Anti-catabolic effect.

However, in the event of a deliberate violation of the instructions of the specialist, the athlete should be aware that the drug may cause such side effects as:

• Delay in the body fluid;
• High blood pressure;
• Anemia.

How to take methandienone?

It is very important to correctly draw up a course and correctly calculate the dosage. Only in this case, the athlete will be able to achieve from 6 to 12 kg of dry muscles. However, one should not forget that after the course a “phenomenon” of rollback can occur, which literally “eats” 30% of the results obtained from the course.

Moreover, experienced athletes, judging by the reviews, note that there are practically no side effects when taking the drug by the prescriptions of a specialist.