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Enanta-Med (Test Enanthate) Bioniche 10ml 300mg/ml

Enanta-Med (Test Enanthate) Bioniche 10ml 300mg/ml 65.00

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Testosterone enanthate can safely be called a legendary steroid. It is popular with athletes from around the world, so the level of its sales traditionally remains high. Only American and Canadian athletes most often prefer another ester of the main male hormone, which is testosterone cypionate.

Enanta-Med Bioniche 300mg/ml description

Testosterone enanthate is taken to cause rapid muscle growth. With this task, the presented drug copes simply superbly. It should be noted that it is universal, therefore it is suitable for both professional bodybuilders and amateur athletes.

The described ether decays in 15 days. This is a fairly long period, so injections should be done only occasionally. This has led to the fact that this steroid is taken by athletes on the "bridge" between cycles.

Athletes inject testosterone enanthate to:

  1. Build muscle;
  2. Improve indicators of physical strength;
  3. Strengthen joints;
  4. Accelerate regeneration processes;
  5. Saturate the blood with plenty of oxygen;
  6. Increase sexual desire;
  7. Strengthen the body as a whole.
  8. It will be useful information that the presented steroid in small doses is recommended to be taken by men over 40 years of age. This can positively affect your overall health.

Buy Enanta-Med (testosterone enanthate) Bioniche Pharma

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