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Testosterone Cypionate ZPHC 10ml 250mg

Testosterone Cypionate ZPHC 10ml 250mg 75.00

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Testosterone Cypionate is today one of the most famous steroid drugs, with the most "long" form of testosterone. 

Testosterone Cypionate Description

Sports practice for a long time began to be accepted not only among male athletes but also among women athletes. Having passed the cypionate from the ZPHC course, you can achieve maximum results in physiological indicators. The drug became very popular and spread in the United States of America, where it was initially produced.

This steroid is given in the form of injections. An active chemical is testosterone cypionate, which has strong androgenic and anabolic effects. Due to prolonged action, there is no need for frequent manipulations to receive a steroid, the active ingredient is gradually cleaved into the blood. The maximum efficiency is achieved 2-3 weeks after the first injection. Testosterone Cypionate is prone to aromatization, which can cause a problem in the form of fluid retention in the body. Do not use it during the drying period of the body or in the period before the competition.

This drug has several positive results after the course:

Significant increase in muscle mass.

Growth of physical strength indicators.

Increased libido and spermatogenesis.

Improved phosphorus metabolism.

Activation of erythrocyte production. Stimulation of the acid mass of blood helps muscle tissues work more efficiently, resulting in increased endurance.

There is a positive nitrogen balance (the number of proteins formed is much higher than the number of destructive proteins).

During the course, significant hydration of the cells is noted, and a large amount of the collected volume falls on the liquid. As a result, the muscles acquire a beautiful relief, this is due to the presence of the phenomenon of recoil at the end of the reception. The accumulated liquid is one-third of the total mass of the increment.

Testosterone cypionate ZPHC reviews from professional athletes talk about the effect it has on the physical and emotional state of a man. The drug is primarily taken by athletes to enhance physical capabilities, improve the appearance of muscles, reduce fat deposits, and increase the level of insulin-like growth factor in the liver and muscles. Has no toxic effect on the liver. It is also noted the elimination of painful symptoms in the joints and the influence on the better metabolism of phosphorus and nitrogen.

Testosterone cypionate is recommended for beginning athletes because of its ability to restrain the balance of the drug in the blood and a long period of action.

Are there any side effects of taking this drug?

Negative effects of the steroid drug are possible if the dosage is not properly met. Adverse reactions are manifested in the form of acne, aggression, fluid retention in tissues, increased arterial pressure, alopecia or increased hair growth on the face and body, sebum secretion, and gynecomastia. To prevent such undesirable reactions can be the use of antiestrogen, Clomid, and Nolvadex are ideally suited for this. Such side effects are of an androgenic nature, which is explained by the speed of conversion of the hormone into active form formation.

Features of Testosterone Bupropion Cypionate

Cypionate can be bought and taken after consultation with a doctor or trainer, which should be a suitable dosage based on the individual physical characteristics of the athlete. The recommended dose is 200 mg one injection per week. In order to obtain a quick result, beginners resort to a weekly dose of 300 mg, and professional athletes to 1000 mg.

In the standard course, there is excellent regeneration, but incidentally, there is unmotivated rage and aggression. To feel the androgenic effect, you can combine the course with other anabolic drugs. During the course of PCT, it is effective to take Clenbuterol to reduce the level of fluid in the body.

Combined courses include the use of drugs: Stanazolone, Trenbolone, Anapolone, and Nandrolone. Duration of courses should not exceed more than 6-8 weeks.