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Testosterone Propionate ZPHC 10ml 100mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate ZPHC 10ml 100mg/ml 60.00

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Testosterone Propionate is a steroid that also increases strength, helps minimize the risk of diseases in the cardiovascular system, and also allows the athlete to gain muscle mass with minimal fluid retention in the body.

Testosterone Propionate (Test P) description

Testosterone propionate is another steroid produced by ZPHC Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical. The active components of this drug in addition to accelerating the growth of muscle mass, also contribute to improving the quality and relief of the muscles gained. Structure Testosterone Propionate is an essential form of testosterone with an acid molecule included in it. This structural feature allows the drug to activate in the athlete's body the process of increasing the number of cells. Our site offers favorable conditions for those who wish at a favorable price to buy Testosterone propionate ZPHC 100mg 10ml.

In quite frequent cases, this drug contributes to the acceleration of regeneration processes, which is especially important after high-intensity training. The fact is that the active components of this steroid affect the synthesis of creatine phosphate compounds providing cells with an additional source of energy.

Dosages of taking Testosterone propionate ZPHC

On average, a course of taking Testosterone propionate aka Test P can last from 2 to 4 weeks. Beginners are recommended to begin taking this drug with a dosage of 50 mg, while injections must be made 1 time every other day. For experienced athletes, experts recommend taking a steroid in a dosage of 100 mg or more.

However, to minimize the likelihood of side effects, many experts recommend connecting to the course anti-estrogens, such as Proviron. Thus, the athlete not only minimizes fluid retention in the body but also allows him to avoid gynecomastia. Upon completion of the course, it is imperative to conduct post-course therapy with Tamoxifen.

Experienced athletes note that to avoid the rebound phenomenon, it is necessary to take Cortisol. While a special diet during the course will allow you to get the maximum result.

Can Testosterone Propionate Be Combined?

Now, very often athletes choose combined courses that allow them to get the maximum result from the reception. Mostly Testosterone propionate (zphc) take water-based anabolic steroids or vitamin B2, which helps minimize the pain during intramuscular administration of the drug.

Judging by the numerous reviews, many athletes recommend periodically changing the injection site, this will minimize the risk of complications.

Testosterone propionate is extremely contraindicated for women due to its pronounced androgenic activity. On average, the duration of the combined course of admission is from 4 to 5 weeks. To take a similar course over a specified period does not make sense, since it will not give other results from the course.

Athletes with experience taking this drug reported that aromatase inhibitors can eliminate or minimize the likelihood of adverse reactions. That is why the drug has received such popularity among athletes in various sports.