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Trena-Med A (Trenbolone Acetate) Bioniche 10ml 100mg/ml

Trena-Med A (Trenbolone Acetate) Bioniche 10ml 100mg/ml 90.00

Buy Trena-Med A (Trenbolone Acetate) Bioniche Pharma

The range of anabolic steroids is very large. One of the affordable, as well as popular among athletes, is Trena-Med A (Trenbolone Acetate). This drug is produced by the famous Bioniche Pharma corporation. 

Trena-Med A 100mg - 10ml - allows athletes to increase their power load and build muscle in a short period.

To get the desired result, you need to follow a few standard rules for taking the drug:

  • Follow the instructions of the specialist.
  • Combine the product only with suitable drugs.
  • Follow a diet.

Very often, when an athlete begins a period of intense training, he resorts to the help of trenbolone acetate. The components of the product help the body recover quickly after strong physical and power loads.

Based on the experience of athletes who took trenbolone acetate, its main characteristics can be compared with oxandrolone, but the effect of trenbolone is much higher.

The secret to the effectiveness of the remedy

By following all the rules and regulations, taking Trena-Med A, the bodybuilder will receive:

  1. A significant increase in metabolic processes.
  2. Increase in aggressiveness.
  3. Decreased body fat.
  4. Increased appetite.
  5. Temporary increase in libido functions.
  6. Application advice

It is recommended to take the drug for drying muscles. It is better to do this at the very end of the course. The average daily dose is 50 mg. If taken every other day, the dose will be 100 mg. For beginners, I advise experts to limit themselves to a dose of 50 mg every other day. A combination of trenbolone acetate with Sustanon or Turinabol is considered quite effective among experienced bodybuilders.