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Testosterone Mix ZPHC (Sustanon)

Testosterone Mix ZPHC (Sustanon) 75.00

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The first modification of the drug was developed exclusively for use in medical practice, in particular for hormone replacement therapy with testosterone. Now, after numerous improvements, the drug has become simply indispensable in sports practice.


Testosterone MIX (Sustanon) ZPHC description

Taking the drug in strict accordance with the recommendations of a specialist, an athlete can achieve the following results:

• Improving physical fitness;
• Increase the duration of training due to increased endurance;
• Burning fat;
• Stimulation of red blood cell production;
• Increased appetite.

Recommendations for use

This drug allows you to get a good effect from the solo course, and in combination with other steroids. Of course, using a combination of Sustanon with other steroids and hormones can significantly improve the results.

Experienced athletes take advantage of combined courses. The most popular and effective is the combination of Sustanon with Winstrol or Nandrolone. If the course of treatment is aimed at drying, then, in this case, it is recommended to take a combination of Sustanon - Winstrol, while a course aimed at increasing muscle consists of a combination of Sustanon - Nandrolone.

Novice athletes who have not yet had sufficient experience with sports pharmacology drugs, or athletes with a long break from taking steroids, can take the solo Sustanon. At the same time, special nutrition, a sports diet, and regular training will help increase the effectiveness of the course.

On average, the dosage of the drug can vary in the range from 250 to 500 mg per week, while taking into account individual intolerance to one or several components of the drug and the physical fitness of an athlete. Our online store offers to purchase Sustanon Magnus at a very attractive price and favorable delivery terms.

Side effects

Testosterone MIX ZPHC (Sustanon) like other testosterone ester analogs, can be converted to estrogen. Therefore, in order to minimize or avoid the occurrence of side effects, experts strongly recommend timely implementation after a course of therapy.

During the course of taking Sustanon, the athlete may mark atrophy of the testicles. In some cases, judging by the numerous reviews of athletes with experience taking the drug, the drug can cause the following adverse reactions:

• The appearance of pain in the muscles;
• a manifestation of aggression;
• nausea;
• Headaches.